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28 Jan

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Spring Lake Tav Score

Pub lunch was the word around the office on Friday, so it was off to the Spring Lake Hotel (our local) for a feed.  My decision was made easy when I arrived with the gang and found that the Steak Burger was on the daily specials menu.

The Spring Lake Hotel is known as the best of the hotels in the area (of which there are quite a few), it is well appointed, has plenty of space and tends to make the best food of the lot.  In recent times they have moved to table service and they do it pretty well.  Being on a time limit for our lunch break, we were served after a short while to peruse the menu we were served and our meals arrived quickly.

The burger itself was a healthy size, stacked high and held together with a toothpick.  It had a satisfying level of difficulty to fit the whole height of it in my mouth all at once, causing several napkins to be employed throughout the sitting.  The steak was well cooked and was well supported by the bacon and pineapple.

However, I was set up for disappointment by the overly elaborate menu which contained nearly twice as many adjectives as ingredients for each of the dishes.  Especially confusing was the “organic sweetened pineapple” which turned out to be a bog standard ring of pineapple…. probably out of a golden circle can.

The salad had a barely noticeable smattering of the house standard Cesar dressing which was probably my biggest let down to the burger.  Without a decent sauce or cheese to go with the burger it was a little dry and a fairly standard offering all up.

I was left with a moderately sleepy drive back to work, although had recovered in time to be hungry again when the 4pm beer and nibbles came around that afternoon.  If you’re after a pub in the Springfield area, the Spring Lake Hotel is definitely the best of the hotels, however, their burger selection (2 burgers) has nicely cooked, albeit ordinary ingredients.  A moderate burger offering.

The Spring Lake Hotel
1/1 Springfield Lakes Blvd
Springfield Lakes, QLD, 4300

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